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X2 wiring diagram and walbro hp tuning adjustment

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I've had an x2 sitting in the garage for over a year and now finally decided to fix it up. I did everything that I know as a neebie for more speed and horsepower. I installed a hp 15.5mm hp walbro carb, boost bottle, saucer air filter, fatty exhaust, even added weight to the cvt trans by cutting metal stock and placing one in every other spot along with the original rollers to keep it at a higher band for top speed. If anyone knows of anything else that i can do for more horse power, it would be greatly appreciated.

I also need a wiring diagram for the x2 because it seems that who ever had it before me messed with the wiring and i have no idea what he did. i got the left blinker to work but the right side isn't getting any power. I don't think it's the relay cause then the left side wouldn't work. I also think that my battery is dead from sitting for so long. It's been charging for almost a week and I'm only getting 9.6v out of it. Also when the key is on none of the lights work unless i have the charger hooked up or the bike is running. If anyone can help me or give me some ideas, it will be well appreciated. Thank you


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