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X22 Has No Power!

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I have been recently putting back together and X22. I redid the wire harness with an X18 wire harness. I got a wire diagram from SD Scooters that shows all of the plug ins for the x18. I plugged everything in and I get no "Power on anything"! I checked the battery and I am reading 12.71 Volts. I am getting the same at the starter relay. I did an inline fuse and I have voltage at the fuse, but nothing else. The diagram shows a ground conected to the frame, but the only ground the harness has is connected with a black wire which I have connected to the negative side of the battery. How can I test where the voltage stops? Any help would be great!

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I cant help you out with your wiring issue, but maybe you could help me...LOL i have been looking high and low for the wiring diagram for my x18........cannot find one anywhere.....LOL
Send me an IM with your email address and I will send you the schematic for the X18 plug in.
Here is one.


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Here is one.
thanks, but Bclair40 already sent me his this afternoon! :thumbsup:
Hey looking at that diagram u sent me it doesn't seem right they way the power should flow I would use a test light start from the battery and go from there following along the harness to each thing that should have power if that checks out alright then I would connect the ground side of the test light to the positive on the battery and check and make sure all the grounds were ok I wish you were closer to me doing this trouble shooting with text sux if I wad there it wouldn't b more than a 5-10 min fix dam it we will figure this out tho
bclair40, you said that you have only 1 gnd. The harness may plug into components such as the starter motor. However, these items need a Ground side as shown in the schematic. So check these.
RAMIt222 Thanks, I will give it a shot. drgnprelude is helping as well, he seems to know his stuff!
OK stupid question, what is a "Test Light"? I also sent you an email just a bit ago.
Test light.... Looks like a screwdriver but has a light in the handle and an alligator clip on a 2-3ft wire out the back of said handle...clip on ground, touch the tip to something "hot" bulb lights up...same for vice versa
Thank you! I will get one tomorrow and try it! Hopefully I will figure it out.
You can get a digital volt/amp meter at H/F Tools for less than $7.
and with the test light you can check grounds as well just hook the clip to positive and touch it to what is supposed to be a ground and it should light up as well
or stab somebody if they need it, mines really sharp
Well if I cant figure this thing out, than I can stab myself with it! LOL

Test lights and multimeters are good tools ...Even though I have both in my toolbox aswell as sparkcheckers nothing beats my PowerProbe...........Its both tools in one and can find wiring problems really quick......LOL

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I love my power prob I use I almost everyday to trouble shoot at work one of the best tools I got so far you can power up ground or complete a circuit as well and its a built in volt meter I say every one needs one of those and a decent multimeter and you can troubleshoot anything
Hey Guys, Just wanted everyone to know I FINALLY got it! Now I get to start putting it together and Hopefully ride it soon. Thanks for all of your help.
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