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Ok so I need a list of parts and need to know where to get them for a good price links and any feed back with be great.Thanks!!

x22 body kit with all pieces(both upper and lower fairings windsheild and both lower fairings and seat cover and gastank cover)
x22 wire harness
x22 headlight kit just lights and wires
x22 tailights wires and taillight lense cover
x22 front and rear tires (just tires)
x22 brake kits (new calipers and hoses)
x22 front assy

any help would be great

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Wow....You got a pretty huge list....Most of which will be hit n miss like a bodykit which isnt cheap BTW...Bodykits start at $250 without shipping costs if ya can find them...

Check with hugh.... sdscooters is his company and his screenname...he may be able to get you most of those parts.........

If yu know how to scan ebay utilizing search then you can scrounge up most of the parts but its gonna take time to research and ask does this fit my bike questions.........
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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