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x6 revival

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wassup pbp, i just wanted to share the progress on my garage find x6, suggestions are taken into serious consideration, and all help is greatly appreciated, so here it is.
This is how i got it.
All stripped of wire harness(what a mess) de-greased the whole bike, tire shined the wheels and put acid on the rims kept the volt reg./ and the ign.relay for rocker switch and possible pushstart.
This is from my old atv, im thinking of swapping this in if i dont go stock x6, with a bobber look, so here is where i stand lemme know what you guys think and how should i go about doing the seat for the bobber, im also thinking of doing a mild stretch, any suggestions, has anybody done this yet, if so what kind of bracing and support am lookin at, thanks in advanced, i will keep you guys posted on the revival of the x6, money short right now so i gotta use what i got to get what i want.(wait a minute, that aint sound right)marcelo
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here are some more pics and the paint i plan on using on the chrome accents and meter gauge housing

Thisis the color im thinkin of using, also what color to paint tire hugger, front mud guard, and the seat and tank fairing, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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