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x7 110cc engine question!

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hey guys,

i just replaced a cylinder/head gasket. I have one problem, i have provided a picture below. the screw that i have circled in the pic, it doesn't fit in right. i have to force the screw in real hard. Is that how the screw goes in. i don't want to force it in and break something. I have pin pointed the screw in the pic, its listed as "A". And also i have cirlced a hole near the bottom as "B", theres also another hole like that one on the other side. Are there screws that go in them. Please help me out guys. Also my timing chain is off by one tooth, is that ok, or would i have to readjust that also.



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Not sure what the A is nothing hooks to it, might be extra for some other use. The B is extra also. Need to move the timing chain i believe, don't know how many degrees off 1 tooth is.
Lower holes are for dirt bike skid plates, timing needs to be exact.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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