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X7 Build, Pretty Noob here.

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Hello, guys. I recently bought an X7 off of craigslist for 90$, being told that the bike only needed a new battery. Turns out, it needs a new starter, some new wiring, a lot of elbow grease, Simple Green, and just spending some quality time with it.

Here is how i recieved the bike. (Pictures the guy sent me):

*Note that the pull start is missing rope and a handle, so i put some rope in it, tied to a sparkplug and tried to pull.. It gets stuck against the starter cawl (sp?). The only way to get it started at this point is with a drill against the nut on the starter cawl.

I decided to strip the bike and completely degrease it, whoever owned this girl before me definitely wasnt one on washing or taking care of things.

Here is a picture of a freshing pulled engine, still greasy as sin:

Started the process:

Image in next post**

Took her outside for some simple green magic:

Image in next post***

Then i started reading about stripping out the starter, along with the magnets that will in return cause the engine to spin easier increasing performance every so slightly. But before that, i noticed something extremely odd. One of the starter housing bolts was shorter then the other 3. I pulled it off and verified, but didnt snap a picture of it, but offset it back to optimal height with a couple small washers.

Image in next post***

Notice on the left, the bolt is slightly shorter than the one on the right.. weird huh?

Anyways, I decided that stripping the starter off the bike was easy enough and started to rip into it. I couldnt find the right Grade 8 M8 bolt or whatever, so i just pulled the housing against the magnet and it came right off. Had to drill one of the screws out because it was locked in there, but finally got all 4 magnets off the housing. (EXTREMELY stubborn i might add)

Image in next post***

I started to button her back up and heres some finishing pictures.

Image in next post***

Image in next post***

All in all that was easy, but now im just waiting for my WT603 carb with vstack and filter and intake adapter to come. Ordering a new pipe and a new pull start today and ill keep updating the thread with updates as i go.

The updates should be smaller, as this was over the course of 3 or so days.

Thank you guys for reading, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me input as you see fit :D thanks!
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Started the cleaning process

Started to use some simple green:

Stripping the starter:

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Bolt is smaller on left than on the right:

Finishing pictures:

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My next question is, now that i removed the starter/stator, in order to properly use lights and stuff, would i need to charge the battery after each use, or get a 12v regulator and run that? Or just scrap all lights and plastics and gauges? i kinda want plastics and gauges and stuff like that lol
Wow u got an awesome deal bro! GL with ur bike ! We're do u live?i need to check ur states Craigslist lol , if u need help with minor stuff on ur bike I may be able to help
Sunrise, Florida. South Florida if you will, lol. Thanks man, to you as well. First time ever dealing with a 49cc Chinese engine, but have done some work to a crf50f, and a cr80r
Yeah this is my 2nd pocket bike but my first super pocket bike( it's a x2) I gotta ride it one time and I pulled the pull cord loose :( and that's cool do u have pics of those bikes as well ?
My next question is, now that i removed the starter/stator, in order to properly use lights and stuff, would i need to charge the battery after each use, or get a 12v regulator and run that? Or just scrap all lights and plastics and gauges? i kinda want plastics and gauges and stuff like that lol
You will need to charge the battery after each use.

Alright, so today i received the rest of my parts in the mail. x7 Fatty pipe, petcock, front sprocket, and a couple gaskets.

I also took the carb back off to inspect what i call the vacuum hole. It didnt line up for SH!T, and i was naive for thinking it did. To correct this, I put the alum plate on, put the bolts in to keep the plate squared away, and i took my drill with a 1/16 or smaller bit (I forget which) and started a slight hole down, then free handed a taper towards the bottom hole. Worked out pretty nicely and i didnt check, but i do not believe i have a carb leak whatsoever.

Heres what the manifold looks like now

And holding it up to the light

Took the drill to it some more after this picture so its a clear little hole, no black.
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Next on my agenda was to fix the choke lever, because i was scared the carb wouldnt seal against the manifold correctly.

And now, ALOT more clearance

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Then, I was like cool, everything is going as smooth as butter, lets change that sprocket up front while the engine is out, so i dont gotta bang up my fingers later..

Yeah, these cvts are so tiny, that the stock sprocket doesnt come off with the cvt attached to the crank.

Disassembled the trans from the engine, used one of those c clamp tools (makes life EASSYYYY) took of the sprocket, which came off nice and easy (should have been a warning for what was next)

I went to put on the new sprocket, which must have been machined poorly or just for the wrong gearing, but it didnt want to go on.

Not taking no for an answer, I decided to help it a little bit and ended up with a chipped sprocket and one that was stuck on and wasnt budging.

This is where i panicked and started to get extremely frustrated, but where theres a will, theres a way, and i managed to get it off..

COOL! So whats next.. the exhaust? yeah thats all thats left pretty much, so i went to tackle that..

The pipe was welded so poorly that the welds were getting in the way of my bolts, not to mention i was shipped the wrong bolts ( said online that its manufactured for the x7, which i have)

My stock ones were meant to be used with an intake manifold, therefore were longer, so i headed off to home depot and grabbed a couple that should work.. This is actually where I ran into the bolt not fitting problem.. (Sorry was so frustrated at this point i didnt snap any pics)

So i gave up for the night and bolted my stock back on with a new gasket and a manifold.

Took the bike out front and started to pull the cord.

NOTHING! So with a few adjustments to the carb i had an idling bike.. (ps these carbs are kinda confusing.. I have a physical idle screw that changes the throttles position, a high end screw (what i call it), and.. the mixture screw? Im sure my tuning was WAAYY off but i got the bike to run and to pretty much rev out (although it can rev higher)

**Continued on next post
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This is where i noticed my exhaust leak, and to my eyes a moderately-severe one lol

^^^^^ This was JUST cleaned with simple green, so yes its new lol.. Not sure how to stop it, but i need to mod my fatty pipe, the stock one is torn to pieces by the previous owner.

I also got a video of the bike in the driveway and riding it up the street as a test. Lets see if photobucket lets me link videos..

**** it makes the video all choppy and what not. Ill up both of them to utube now and post back..

PLEASE, like every other update,

GIVE ME FEEDBACK lolol im new to this stuff and i really want some more experienced modders opinions.

Thanks guys, and have a good night
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Where's the links to the videos?
Sorry, I started the upload at home and left, sorry for the delay fellas
Oh tomorrow im dumping all my 2 stroke oil and going for hi octane, and good 2 stroke oil but idk what yet, idk what's out there to be honest. But.for this tank it won't really matter, I think im going to run a couple ounces of seafoam through it too. Run a gallon through it with 2-3 ounces of seafoam maybe 4 but I think I'd rather not.

Exhaust leak and all, run it for a good 30-45 minutes or till I run out. Then I will break out the dremel and flatten out some of the welds on the pipe.. **** I needa get all my tools together lol.

Will post pics tomorrow
Hey can u post actual links to the vids? I'm on my iPad right now and it doesn't have flash so I can't see it
U have pretty good throttle response! Also did the parts make a difference ?ur bike is nice
The only part thats actually on the bike is the carb lmfao
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