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X7 carb not starting

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Okay i got my x7 fixed last moday but i picked it up like Wednesday rode it around for like 20mins. Then the next day i tried to start it it wouldnt even start up, at first it starts when the choke is off & the throttle twisted all the way back like i have to keep reving it so it wouldnt turn off but now its not starting at all. Maybe its not getting gas b/c everytime i use the primer bulb i dont think its enough gas in the bulb for it to pump into the engine. Can you guy plzz help?? Ive tried everything except a new carb but i want to try & fix the carb before i have to buy a new carb.
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try blowing/ cleaning the fuel lines and chek your in tank fuel fillter
if the flue fillter is old or not on the line the line the lines will float on top of the fule and not suck the gas also try cleaning your carb
I replace the fuel lines a few minutes ago & i took the carb apart and cleaned it. . . Still nothing :( If you guys suggest more things to do to the bike i'll check it out
what about the fillters chek to see if you have them
and before you get a new carb try messing with the idel screw and the high jet screw
Yeah i have left over parts from a x2 i got hit on. . . Everything is good but something is going on with the carb
There's new carbs on eBay for $13 shipped, I you have to money it's a whole lot easier than spending days working on a broken carb.
Okay ill try to get a new one this weekend. Is there any good cheap carbs i can buy online?
On eBay Motors/ motorcyles do a search for 49cc Pocket Bike Parts, and it will give you abunch of places to look.
the carbs are diffrent i suggest a new
How many Walbro WYK 15mm series carbs do you know of besides the real one,,the one ADA sells which looks the same except shiny and the chinese clone version?

The carbs are the same for all 43cc/49cc piston ported engines no matter if its X1-x10,,Cateye,,MiniHarley,MiniChopper,,43/49cc gas scooters,,pocket quads and pocket dirtbikes that have pumper carbs from the factory.....

Theres a few members that have bought brand new chinese carbs and have had them leak the minute after turning it off for the first time......Thats why if you buy a real walbro rebuild kit youll have a real walbro carb tha will actually perform better simply by installing one..walbro rebuild kits are better quality over whats inside the chinese carbs which are highly reactive to ethanol and warp and swell pretty easily.........I get my Walbro rebuild kits for $8 bux shipped

Rebuilding a pumper carb takes 30 mins and all it is all about is changing diaphragms,,fuel needle and fuel flappers aswell as a lil cleaning.......
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Okay guys thanks for the suggestions & advice. . . What I do to the bike Ill keep it updated in this thread
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