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X7 Pocket Bike Problem

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I recently picked myself up a X7 Pocket Bike. It has 2 sprockets for 2 chains to go (sorry if im not too specific as im a newb). I fixed the first chain by removing a link from it. With the other chain it keeps on coming off the sprocket. I have gone and removed a link from it for it to be tighter but it is now far too tight and is still coming of the sprocket and is making these popping sounds :( What I have now done is put that link back on so it is now too loose and slightly moved the wheel back but it is still falling off the sprocket. I also recently fixed the rear wheel axle on it buy putting a metal tube on either side of the wheel. (It looks aligned). How can I fix this problem as it is really annoying and I want to ride the pocket bike? Can I get one of these to replace having two sprockets?


Please let me know asap,

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Welcome...You have a FS509 Cateye not an X7............

sounds like youre gonna need a new Tf-8mm chain and possibly new halfshaft gear bearings.........under the engine plate are 2 adjustment screws..align the chain to the engine and halfshaft double gear better.......pop the transmission and inspect the clutch for proper engagement.......
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