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X7 Progress Thread

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Okay so I wanted to start a thread for current goals and problems I may have with my 2 stroke X7. I made a thread that has info and solutions to problems I had assembling the rear wheel. That thread was for a few specific problems. There's plenty of other info in it - Here's the thread

So today I spent 2 hours remaking and installing a tide cap "v stack". I coulda done it alot faster but I don't have many tools at this house and when looking for the washers after the holes were drilled, I found a bigger bit that I needed for the center hole.

The 1st reason for remaking this is the bolts weren't pulled tight on the first set up because I needed washers. The 2nd reason you'll see in a picture. I found out that since it wasn't pulled tight, there was also gaps between the carb and engine.

So I put it together, still didn't pull tight with 2 washers so I found 2 nuts that had a flat side that went against the cap. They were perfect diameter so the bolts slid through. So I put the nuts first. Then washers. Then bolt heads. It pulled tight and then I got the little filter on it.

Started it up and flew around the block for 20 minutes. Runs good. More to come.

I cut the center out of the old one with a razor knife. New ones good fit.

You can see the breather I put on a few weeks ago and the finished filter.
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Looks pretty good.Nice touch with the airfilter on the end..I go with panty hose stretched over for maximum flow and still be protected..I use the detergent caps for a whole bunch of stuff including an airfilter safety guard for my R/c vehicles when Im running them in sand..................Its my small contribution to saving our landfills from unwanted plastic...Ya hear that Al Gore.........LOL

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ha ha ha .. thanks I got that with the bike an somehow kept it around. Its a hell of an idea whoever came up with the cap idea!

I was looking at your funny bike thread... You get those tripple engines workin ? lol I can hardly contemplate the chopper. do you have a video of that thing goin?

Now to figure out what to do next.
ha ha ha .. thanks I got that with the bike an somehow kept it around. Its a hell of an idea whoever came up with the cap idea!

I was looking at your funny bike thread... You get those tripple engines workin ? lol I can hardly contemplate the chopper. do you have a video of that thing goin?

Now to figure out what to do next.
The triple engine bike is a work in progress in which I have no real time to invest in at the moment...Im hoping to get a restart on it in the winter months during my downtime period...I have the engine cases race ported all ready for full circle cranks and two pc headkits

The twin enginned harley I dont have any vids of it running...The thing was fast but not as fast as Id like it to be so I have it 3/4 of the way apart right now to refurb it with even faster 43cc engines with full circle cranks , two piece heads and perf exhausts..Thats another project for the cold months to get back into aswell.......Right now my bigger bikes and other things besides them are taking preference at the moment....
Interesting. Those are some good ideas and crazy projects. Id like to just learn how to do topends lol that way i can eventually do a piston in this. Maybe lightn that flywheel my dad has saws and hacksaws I'd have him help lol

Do you drill holes in your clutch like the other guy? If you know what would be the simplest little modification let me know. :D
Nice work, it helps to be a jack of all trades when you own these pocket bikes. My first Cag flywheel I cut the fins w/ a hacksaw, and then cleaned it up. On the piston port engs I grind the fins down on the side of my 8" bench grinder wheel, coarse and medium.
Thanks. Yea we have a bench grinder and a handheld. does the whole engine have to come apart?
That's good your going to need it. Have a 4 1/2" angle grinder too, and 3 welders,lol. Get some 3 or 4" bolts think there M6 x 1.0 thread and run it the 2 threaded holes in the flywheel & put them in and turn them alittle on each side until it pops off. Take the fins down level w/ the magnet/counterweight parts of the wheel.
So.... it just pops off the side of the engine?
Off the end of the crankshaft, it's tapered & that locks it on pretty good.
So.... it just pops off the side of the engine?
You see the way Im removing a clutch mount on a cag engine?....The flywheel comes off the same way...you remove the center nut,,screw in the M6 X 4" screws until the screws hit the case ,,then tighten them evenly the flywheel will pop off...its tapered and held in by loctite so using a plumbers torch to heat the center a lil will help get it off quicker and easier when its under tension.............

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ok thanks let me know if this sounds right... i just looked at the bike!

-Look at my avatar. On the "clutch case", I see small circle (I assume countersprocket) I see big circle (I assume clutch.)
-Where I can see the big circle I leave the bolt above and bolt below that alone so that the clutch case stays together.
-Then remove the bolt on far right, a couple on the left and the 4 that hold the flywheel. clutch comes off. I can then work it to pop off, machine, and then reinstall in reverse order?

is this in the ball park rofl?

Edit: EPR said I can use a couple of the bolts right there to pop it off. This is the first thing I thought of when looking at it so I'm sure it could be slightly off
The clutch bell is inside the front of that transmission, you take the trans off and you will see the clutch if it is an X7 and take the two clutch bolts off and run longer ones into the flywheel where the clutch was kind of like Cam showed but that is a Cag reed port engine.


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is there a nut in the middle of clutch that needs taken off? what bolts do i unscrew very 1st step? ill give it a try.
Take the trans off first and the clutch bolts then the center nut or it will not come off, when you get the clutch off you will see. The 2 bolts go thru and push the flywheel off by hitting the cases.
Thanks for the help.

I read a thread last night saying basically, Light flywheel: better acceleration, better mileage, takes more skill to drive
Heavy flywheel: worse acceleration, lower mileage, takes less skill to drive

They're talking about on cars.. I was wondering if it's good to do on a 4 stroke pitbike and what the difference is for this between a 4 stroke pitbike and a 2 stroke pocket bike. I assume it's good on these if everyones doing it. Just wanted to ask. I know that it's better revs I just don't want to lose anything

Took my car in yesterday and picking it up in a little bit..
Some of my bikes I use for drag racing I added weight to the flywheel it can give you more top speed cause the spinning extra weight carries you along better than a light one. The engine vibrate less at the low end also. Just like a full racing eng w/ a cam, they run like crap at idle cause they are made to Scream at the top end.
I talked to my dad I'll probably do it tomorrow. It should still give me a couple mph gain on top speed wont it? Cause of the higher and faster revs

They didn't have my car done today so gettin it back tomorrow.
Well I go to take out the bolt on the far right first and it snaps. That's how far I got

Got my car back. I called and it was done. They said it was done since tuesday
Can you get the trans off??
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