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G'day from Brisbane, Australia

I race an X7 2 stroke against a bunch of CAGs. I have had some good results so far but am always looking for an edge on the lighter bikes. The X7 is rare in Australia and parts aren't that easy to find and expensive to get acorss the pacific. So far I have a Walbro carby, Fatty exhaust, rocket key, larger fuel lines, boost bottle with alloy manifold and electric start delete. Ive also ported the exhaust manifold and the intake manifold but not the cylinder ports yet. I run a 14/54 final drive. And am yet to install an ADA racing two piece head and boost ported piston that I recently purchased:D

I am obsessed with my bike and none of the CAG racers expect it to go as well as is dose, it's also ten times more reliable then their bikes. And often I get good results just cause the others can't finish the days racing.

I am desperately looking for a sponsor (again, those parts aren't cheap) as there is a new 10 race series starting soon at Archerfield go kart complex. And I expect to go through some tires which are almost $300aud to get here. (so if you have an online parts shop and want to expand into Australia wink wink nudge nudge;))

The Minimoto scene has just started gathering a lot of momentum now in my part of the world after an almost ten year hiatus. When I first started (mid 2015) we had maybe 8 racers in 1 category. At the last race meeting we had nearly 60 bikes in 3 categories. And we are expecting even more at the next one.

Keep it shiny side up....
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