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Well Ive had this bike for a while and its just been sitting in my garage being rode occasionally until about 2 years ago when I just parked it. This was my best friends bike until he passed away in a hunting accident when we were 13. I am restoring this in his honor since he loved this thing and I was going to ride it into school with a group of friends.

Onto what i have done
I got a new air filter for it and cleaned the carb. out
Dissembled the body and Plastidipped it black
Degreased and Washed the whole bike
Ordering a new pullstart

To be honest its slowwer than Sh!t so i need some help on getting it where it will actually take off with me on it....im not a huge guy im 18 and 5'10 175lbs, ive seen these on youtube take off decently and i was wanting to know what was wrong

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