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x7 throttle problems

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so while im riding my x7 2 stroke 49cc it will like sputter or make a stalling feeling while riding then it will continue to pick up speed but if i slow down again and try to pick up speed it will do it again and pick up speed once again. i checked the part where the exhaust was screwed in and nothing is lose there. also the bike has been sitting for a month now and it was not doing this before. oh yeah and changed the spark plug also since i thought that could have been the problem
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Does it have gas? lol, yes, it sounds stupid, but that will do it to you
It's a two stroke it runs mix gas
Make sure the in-tank fuel clunkerfliter is clean and clear then tweak the carb to perform...On the top of the carb within the inner core of the brass sloted screw is your low speed needle which also controls highspeed mix aswell...with a small jewelers screwdriver turn the screw counter clockwise 1/2 turn,,,set the high speed screw or fuel limiter screw out 1 1/2 turns out.....Make sure youre running a NGK BPM7A or 6A plug gapped to .030"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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