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Yep, I'm new.

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Hi, I just picked up a project. I think it was an X18. No body parts. It has a Lifan 110cc motor on it that was not the original.
Got the bike running. It has a 19mm carb on it now. I would like to put a bigger carb. on it. What would be the biggest recommended carb on this engine? Should I also replace the intake to match the carb?
Any help is appreciated.
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Get a 22mm dirt bike, ATV carb w/ lever choke for about $25 on eBay and round the lip on the top off your 20mm intake to match the back of the carb.
Hi,! & a big welcome to the site from Western Canada. I'll go with EPR on his recommendation & you can probably clean up your orig 19 mil carb good & Resell it for maybe more ca$h than the 22mm off ebay !
K, thanks for both you guys help and i will check on that hopefully and can go faster with it
Welcome to the site, I agree with EPR and RAMITT22, def go with the 22mm Carb, also you can sell your 19mm or keep it as a back up you never know, post some pics of your bike, I would love to see it
not shure how to put pictues on right now
Going to take photos of my 20mm, 25mm for the 125cc ATV, the 20 started leaking all over and flooding the engine and there is no air idle adj. So I am going to 25mm on a 26mm intake manifold on a gold swivel. The head port is 24mm. Also a 22mm & 26mm Mikuni and a 27mm carb for a 200 vertical eng, and maybe throw in a stock PZ19s I have 3, there all made at a different factory in China,lol.
i jus put a 22mm carb on my chopper it has the locin 110 engine also go wit a upgraded exaust u can def feel the difference
Yes sir, that's why we do it.
do you decrement a 22mm carb and a 20mm intake
can i go any bigger do you think or is that as big as i could go?
22mm carb would be the biggest I'd go the intake ports are 23mm or on my 2011 x19 its only 22 mm I think I did port it to match my intake tho
The 25mm works real good on my 125cc ATV, I already freed up the exhaust flow. The twist throttle is so much better than the thumb one.
I have a blue finned CDI here and an orange hp coil on the way. Will install them at the same time.
Put a round lip on the 20mm manifold where it mounts to the black isolator and carb, the air passes over round better than a sharp edge.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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