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What kind of Yoshimura slip-on exhaust would work for my x-18? I was looking through them but didn't know what to look for because of brand and models.
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you need to make one work for the exhaust your gonna have meaning the size of the pipe but those pipes are pretty pricey
Yeah that's what I was thinking. Would this one be bolt on like it says? It says it is a direct bolt on and easy to install but the pictures make it look different. What would you say? (I really want to get it)

(Link to exhaust)
SD Scooters on the Forsale Here at PBP has nice fancy muffler ends for $20 and $16 shipping, they sold for around $70 before. They fit 4 stroke Honda or clones exhaust pipes 70 to 200cc or something. My pipes are almost 1" OD.
I looked on sdscooters and couldn't find ANY mufflers/exhausts. Could you send me a link? And what is this "forsale" you're talking about?
On the main forum page down near the bottom is a place in Blue letters, Pocket Bike Parts Forsale, click on it and look for SD Scooters, Silencer Clearance $20 ad for the mufflers. Click on it and email him at [email protected] address.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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