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ZPF question

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Since I need 2 more post, before I can post in the pocket bikes for sale section, I figured I would ask you guys two questions.

1. Am I reading the rules correctly, do I need 3 post in Newbie/introduction page before I can post anywhere else?

2. Are ZPF's even still being bought. I've put over $2000 into my bike and I'm looking for at least $700, would like to get 800...think that's too much?

P.S I have pics if anyone's interested
It's a zpf 204, with
SE-III Silencer Large Exhaust Pipe
ZPF 70 tooth rear chain ring and 7 tooth front sprocket gear
A brand new from Mini Moto USA, Zoechi #1000102 Adult Racing Clutch (Installed 7-1-13)
New NGK plug
Two R6.5 radial Italian Soft Racing Slicks
starts right up on first to second pull

Thanks a lot
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Also Guys, I stand corrected. A local kid here sent me a pic of what looks like a Chinese 204 replica. I'll see if I can post pic later.
i belive tusnami bike has or hav zpf reps and parts
I have TONS of new ZPF, DM and GRC parts in a storage unit. From complete race bikes, to chassis, swingarms, BZM engines, ZPF engines, Polini engines, clutches, and everything else. Most are race spares (haven't raced in years), and brand new, so if anyone needs anything, I probably have it.
Hello do you still have Zpf bike parts ,thank you
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